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Holding Hands

Couples Weekend Workshop

From Love Birds...

To Angry Birds...

And Everything

In Between.

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What you and your partner will gain from the workshop

Love Birds... Inevitably Become Angry Birds

Even though relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives as human beings, we very rarely learn exactly how to be in the kind of relationships we would like to have. We would LIKE to have relationships that feel alive and bring joy, adventure, and comfort to us. We would like to be better as a result of knowing one another. And we would like to feel at peace when we are at home and in each other’s arms. 


But in most cases, we end up having relationships "by default". And despite the numerous LOVE BIRD moments we may have had together initially, we eventually develop the undeniable recognition that our relationships will really be made or broken by the moments that we are in conflict and how we get through that conflict.


What is mainly problematic in conflict is that we often do whatever it is that we learned growing up. We act like children when our emotions are high, and our intelligence gets compromised.


We may have learned to be like the ANGRY BIRD, who yells and gets mean when upset.  Or perhaps something more of an IN-BETWEEN where we withdraw or shut out the people that we love. We may have learned to look for “Exits” so that things feel momentarily easier or sweeter, rather than really dealing effectively with the challenge in front of us. 


And while these strategies prove to be effective defense mechanisms to keep YOU safe, they have a hurtful impact on a relationship, and impede the development of everything you actually and truly desire.


Dr. Stephanie May-Camacho and Jorge Camacho are a dynamic couple who bring their “real world” experience of marriage and family to this workshop. Their motto, of living the “beautiful crazy” of it all together is totally relatable and often times hysterical, keeping participants engaged for hours on end.

While Dr May brings her psychology background and specialized IMAGO relationship training to the space, her best training of all has been in relationship with “the most stable confident (and stubborn) man I have ever met, Jorge.”

Jorge Camacho has been a teacher of high school Chemistry for over 25 years and is a self-acclaimed “Professional stomper of ignorance.” He has coached hundreds of individuals in personal development arenas including Summit Education and The Gratitude Trainings, and is known for moving people out of their comfort zones. His best training of all has been in relationship with “the most confident yet questioning, powerful yet nervous, and put together while simultaneously falling apart powerhouse, Dr. Stephanie May Camacho.”

Together, their relationship has hit new high’s and low’s, as they have been magnificently stretched and tried, raising two young boys.


About Us: Jorge &
Stephanie May Camacho

Top Benefits of This Couples Workshop

  • This experience is designed to offer quick results. One weekend is equivalent or greater than 3 months of therapy.
  • You will identify the most critical ingredient to any successful relationship.
  • This experience is a 4 part process: Lively and Entertaining Education, one-on-one couples activities, self reflection exercises, and group discussion.No other experience can offer the time and space to explore each of these in depth.
  • You will leave having a clear understanding of how to communicate effectively.
  • You will learn exactly what sets your emotions off in such a way where you have been ineffective.
  • You will come to appreciate why you chose your partner and how they will actually assist you to become the greatest expression of who you are.
  • You can use what you learn in this workshop with other important relationships in your life, such as children or co-workers.
  • Dr. May is a certified IMAGO relationship therapist, which means that she is highly trained to assist you in creating a lving and lasting relationship. This approach has been proven effective with couples all over the world, and it was featured on the Oprah Show as “the couples counseling that actually works.”

"This couple retreat has allowed me to see how my relationship is a mirror of me. That we are in this to heal each other as well as create healthier habits in order to create a relationship that is intentional, meaningful and conscious. I’ve learned habits that will allow us to deal with the frustrations that arise when being in relationship. As well as learning a healthier way of approaching problems and how to communicate in a way that is respectful, loving and pushes BOTH partners to their greatness."

Melissa L

Our Next Workshop is:
May 20th - May 21st
10 am - 5 pm

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