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Couples Counseling in Coral Gables

If you are reading this right now, I first want to thank you.


I recognize that asking for help with your relationship is one of the most intimate things you can do. I am committed to remaining present to what an honor this is for me to assist you and see “behind closed doors” into your life. One of the main reasons I remain so committed to this is because I’ve made many relationship mistakes myself. And when I finally did get married, even though I already had a doctorate in psychology, I realized that even that was not sufficient to prepare me for being with someone 24/7 for an extended period of time.


Being a couple really is a unique relationship. It is one where we get to see the best in each other and the worst.  And this is because, over time and many shared experiences together, our whole selves will be revealed and so will our partners. We may find that we love some aspects so very much and those other aspects just drive us insane.


Let’s consider that there are many reasons that couples fail to thrive:


  • Perhaps you never had good role models to teach you.

  • You carry deep hurts from the past and bring these into the current relationship

  • You are likely doing too much in your daily life that leaves little leftover for the relationship.

  • You may see that you have different interests than your partner and that you can't find that common ground anymore.

  • You and your partner communicate very poorly and just can't reach each other.

  • And/Or, you may be experiencing betrayal or breaks in the integrity of the relationship.


Obviously, there are many many reasons couples fail to thrive, and additional ones not listed here.


But I assure you…I have seen couples in all different places in their relationships, and together- we will reach clarity, communication, and peace.


The way we will meet these goals is through the specialized training I received in IMAGO couples counseling. As I mentioned previously, my doctorate in psychology did not prepare me for marriage! But the IMAGO process certainly did. When we meet together, I will offer you the same education and philosophy that I received (the Cliffs Notes version!) and then we will practice putting the process into action.


IMAGO teaches us that conflict is growth trying to happen and that there are big lessons here for each of you. IMAGO uses a process called a dialogue which will help to make it clear and safe to communicate again, and I will facilitate this process with you until you are comfortable doing it alone.


Please call 954-288-2414 to set up a free couples counseling consultation.


And until then, please read the following testimonial to better understand what you will receive by working together:

Couple Friends

"I can honestly say that before we came to see Dr. May, I felt hopeless. Our 15 year marriage was in shambles, our future together unfathomable and the feeling of helplessness was overwhelming. We had no respect for each other, no communication skills, no passion and certainly no patience. My husband and I had been with another therapist for nearly six months with weekly visits and we were no closer to resolving our differences than we were the day we started. Dr. May and the IMAGO relationship therapy changed our lives, not just our marriage. Through our sessions, we found things about each other that helped us to comprehend why our differences were so difficult to understand. We realized that Conflict is Change waiting to happen. It’s a powerful statement that will always stay with me. Our first session went by so quickly I didn’t want it to end..and we were there for 3 hours! We found ourselves looking forward to our appointments with loving anticipation. Imago took time to stick, it took effort to realize, but the end result is two people that have deep love for each other who took the time to reconnect in a way ALL couples should. I’m no longer sad all the time, I no longer recent my husband or carry anger around with me…Dr. May helped me & us realize, with time, patience and technique, EVERY situation can be turned into something positive. She taught us to truly listen to one another and have compassion for each others needs and difficulties. To have faith that your partner doesn’t want to hurt you, that sometimes its just a product of collateral damage experienced from their past. My husband and I are happier now than we were when we first married and the reason for that is Dr. May and IMAGO!"


- Jacki B

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