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For the last decade, I have worked with hundreds of people to create the intimate relationships that they desire. I have learned what it takes to create a loving and lasting relationship, and where people experience the most challenges to do so. Take a few minutes to answer these questions for yourself and see if you’ve got the elements you need to create the relationship that you desire.

__I love and value myself.


__When I make a commitment, I keep my word.


__I have a clear vision for my most important relationships.


__ I am aware that there are different stages of love in a relationship.


__I know my own, and my significant others love language.


__I know how to get through some of my most difficult relationship challenges.


__I can choose how I respond to my partner during an argument.


__I know what the best way is to communicate when I am under stress or highly emotional.


__I am fully aware of how my childhood experiences have impacted my relationships.


__I would rather be in a relationship than be right about a topic.


__I understand that arguments and power struggles arise to teach me something greater about myself and my relationships.


__I offer at least 5 signs of care and affection each day.


__I participate in personal growth opportunities.

If you are missing some of the elements on this checklist, why not arrange a complimentary consultation with Dr. Stephanie May, licensed psychologist and relationship expert, to see how you can fill in the gaps. Simply call 786-536-5301.



Relationship Services Provided Include:

Individual Therapy     Couples Therapy        Couples 3 hour Intensives

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