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My highest intention in working with you is to create collaboration that is based in respect, dignity, compassion, and results. I'd like therapy to not just be a "good experience" for you, but would like for you to walk away from this experience knowing that something tangible was created in your life as a result. It is my commitment to be healthy and present for you every step of the way, and to provide specialized individualized care. I have been working in the area of Eating Disorders and developing Self Esteem for the last ten years, and more recently in the last several years, with Couples.


My Commitment to You:


  • To make a real difference in your life.

  • To communicate with you in a timely fashion; responding to your messages within a few hours.

  • To provide care that is based on respect, dignity, collaboration, compassion, and results.

  • To support you and challenge you at the same time. 

  • To view your health from a wholistic perspective and provide you with appropriate resources, referrals, and ideas.


Your health and your relationship are important to me, and I will make every effort to provide you with an outstanding experience from this point forward. 

"Dr. May is outstanding and has set me off on a journey of self discovery."
"Dr. May's compassion is a hit out of the ball park. I felt a hug each time she spoke to me. She is present and encouraging beyond words."
"My impression of Dr. May is that she is REAL. I could connect with her personally and not just doctor to a patient."
"Dr. May does a great job of creating a safe space to talk about deep issues. My wife and I found the source of our frustrations,
Dr. May gave us the tools to get through them, and become closer."-Alex F."
"What I learned with Dr. May is communication is okay. It is important to take the time to listen to your partner when they're frustrated and not try to defend yourself, but understand how they feel too. Dr. May is great and showed us how to be a great couple together."-Tatiana
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