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Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is one of the most personalized ways to make significant progress in your life. Dr May approaches this opportunity through the lens of a therapist and coordinator, ensuring that you are receiving all of the necessary care elements to overcome your struggle.
By talking with you individually, you will be assisted to get to the heart of what is going on with your challenges, and you will be guided to develop a plan to overcome them. While many clients come to Dr May in the first few sessions out of necessity, most of her clients choose to stay for additional sessions as they become intrigued about their personal growth opportunities.  


Individual therapy with Dr. May will teach you:

  • The top 3 basic needs that need to be met for you to get better

  • Why you are responding and struggling the way you are in your life

  • What it takes to respond differently and to cope with the challenges in your life

  • How to create fulfilling relationships

  • How to define a life that is worth living



Couples Counseling

Even though relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives as human beings, we very rarely learn exactly how to be in the kind of relationships we would like to have. We end up having relationships "by default" and do whatever it is that we learned growing up. Often times, we learned that when we are upset it is okay to yell, get mean, withdraw, or shut out the people that we love. These strategies prove to be effective defense mechanisms to keep YOU safe, but they have a hurtful impact on a relationship. The defense mechanisms speak into what YOU may need, but they do not speak into what the relationship needs. When couples feel frustrated, distant, and stuck, it is usually because they are in this defensive place. They are reacting instead of intentionally responding. They are in power struggle instead of true partnership.

....If this is YOU right now in your relationship, you may be thinking that you are "over it," and that there is "no chance for you."  But couples counseling with Dr. May using the IMAGO process will show you that it absolutely is possible to leave power struggle and to create the relationship you desire.  Through this very specialized approach, you will learn:


  • To deepen your connection with your partner

  • The best way to communicate, even under stress

  • To increase your understanding of yourself and your partner

  • What makes couples most successful

IMAGO couples therapy was featured on the Oprah Show numerous times and named "The Couples Counseling that really works!" When you give this approach a chance, you will see what a difference it makes for all of your relationships.


Couples Repair Intensive

Relationship Repair Intensive Couples Sessions provide the unique opportunity for you to make significant progress with your partner in just three hours. Dr. May has designed a program that captures the most effective ways to repair and improve relationship challenges quickly.
Top Benefits of the Couples Intensive Include:

  • The intensive is designed to offer quick results. One intensive day is equivalent or greater than 3 months of therapy.

  • You will identify the most critical ingredient to any successful relationship.

  • This experience is a 3 part process: Education, Therapy, and Practice of the skills you will learn. No other experience can offer the time and space to explore each of these in depth.

  • You will leave having a clear understanding of how to communicate effectively.

  • You will learn exactly what sets your emotions off in such a way where you have been ineffective.

  • You will come to appreciate why you chose your partner and how they will actually assist you to become the greatest expression of who you are.

  • You can use what you learn in this intensive with other important relationships in your life, such as children or co-workers.

  • Dr. May is a certified IMAGO relationship therapist, which means that she is highly trained to assist you in repairing your relationship. This approach has been proven effective with couples who report to be desperate for help, and it was featured on the Oprah Show as “the couples counseling that actually works.”

The package includes one day full of education, couples counseling, and private attention.
Call today 954-288-2414 to schedule your Couples Repair Intensive.  

Couples Weekend Workshop

​This weekend workshop is the most effective, efficient, and joyful way to work on your relationship with your partner. Dr. May facilitates this workshop with her husband and partner of 15 years. They model that this work is important without having to be serious, and throughout the workshop couples will laugh and enjoy their time together while learning about each other. The weekend will:

  • give you a pause button from your busy lives and provide some quality “couple time” together

  • have you be more intelligent within your relationship 

  • deepen the safety & connection between you

  • increase your understanding of yourself and your partner

  • teach you the best way to communicate even in the midst of an argument

  • have you experience the key ingredients that make couples most successful

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders are notorious for being secretive and shameful disorders, and they continue to be unless you break this cycle. Many people have a very difficult time believing that they deserve something different and that they can truly be themselves- all the good, bad, and ugly- in front of another human being. Many people have a very difficult time believing that they are WORTHY. However, I urge you to choose help...I really believe this is the biggest and most difficult step that will have you well on your way.


What is so important to know is that there is a better way to be in your life and in your body, even if you can't see it, or can't imagine it right at this moment. (You probably won't like hearing this but...) In order to learn how to be in your body and in your life in a true authentic way,you must speak up to a trusted someone about what is going on. Literally say out loud: "I am scared (sad, embarrassed, lonely, etc...) and I would like your help."


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