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Pre-Marriage Counseling in Coral Gables

I will never forget the time that I was asked to speak about Marriage Tips at a Wedding Planning event, and how silent the room went when a “Psychologist” stood up to speak. It was like I was the big bad monster in the room….probably because being engaged is such an exciting and hopeful time that very few people want to consider how things can go wrong and what it actually takes to have an ever-lasting love.


However, from that one event, a young couple approached me with the right attitude. They said, “No one in our families stays married, and we need to learn the secrets of marriage success.”


This young couple came into work with me and they are still married today with an adorable little boy and most importantly doing great together.

On the other hand, I have also worked with so many couples over the years, who regrettably never pursued pre-marital counseling and had suffered years of hardship together in their relationship.


What if you could learn the top habits of successful couples now?


And avoid the most common pitfalls that marriages make!


In pre-marital counseling, we will come together to assess your values, hopes, and dreams for the future. Once identified, we will create a personalized short term and long term plan which will map out what’s needed and how to get there so you are set up to create what you desire.


You will also learn:

  • To deepen your connection with your partner

  • The best way to communicate even in the midst of an “argument”

  • To increase your understanding of yourself and your partner

  • And the key ingredients that make couples most successful


Dr. May is a certified IMAGO relationship therapist, which means that she is highly trained to assist you with your relationship. This approach has been proven effective with couples who are just getting started as well as couples who are desperate for help. IMAGO was featured on the Oprah Show as “the couples counseling that actually works.”


Contact Dr. May at 786-536-5301 for your free phone consultation.



"Dr. May is outstanding and has set me off on a journey of self discovery."

"Dr. May's compassion is a hit out of the ball park. I felt a hug each time she spoke to me. She is present and encouraging beyond words."

"My impression of Dr. May is that she is REAL. I could connect with her personally and not just doctor to a patient.”

"Dr. May does a great job of creating a safe space to talk about deep issues. My wife and I found the source of our frustrations, Dr. May gave us the tools to get through them, and become closer."

-Alex F.

"What I learned with Dr. May is communication is okay. It is important to take the time to listen to your partner when they're frustrated and not try to defend yourself, but understand how they feel too. Dr. May is great and showed us how to be a great couple together."


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