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Individual Counseling


Individual counseling is one of the most personalized ways to make significant progress in your life. Dr. May approaches this opportunity through the lens of a therapist and coordinator, ensuring that you are receiving all of the necessary care elements to overcome your struggle.

Individual therapy with Dr. May will teach you:


  • The top 3 basic needs that need to be met for you to get better

  • "Why" you are responding and struggling the way you are in your life

  • What it takes to respond differently and to cope with the challenges in your life

  • How to create fulfilling relationships

  • How to define a life that is worth living



Couples & Relationship Repair


Even though relationships are one of the most important aspects of our lives as human beings, we very rarely learn exactly how to be in the kind of relationships we would like to have.


We end up having relationships "by default" and do whatever it is that we learned growing up. Often times, we learned that when we are upset it is okay to yell, get mean, withdraw, or shut out the people that we love. These strategies prove to be effective defense mechanisms to keep YOU safe, but they have a hurtful impact on a relationship. 
Couples counseling with Dr. May using the IMAGO process will show you that it absolutely is possible to leave power struggle and to create the relationship you desire.


Eating Disorders


Eating disorders can be quite complex and difficult to understand. But in the simplest of terms, they are:


  • Psychological disorders in which food and eating are given meaning way beyond ordinary nourishment and consumption.

  • Disorders in which the defining characteristics is a dread of fatness and a relentless pursuit of thinness.

  • Driven by emotional difficulties that come before the expression of symptoms.



What is so important to know is that there is a better way to be in your life and in your body, even if you can't see it, or can't imagine it right at this moment.


Dr May headshots1.jpeg
Licensed Psychologist, IMAGO Relationship Therapist, & Eating Disorder Specialist
Dr. Stephanie May, Psy.D


Dr. May is a licensed psychologist who completed her doctoral training with Nova Southeastern University, and later went on to develop a specialization in working with people with eating disorders through the Renfrew Center of South Florida.

Dr. Stephanie May, Psy.D|Miami Psychologist
Dr. Stephanie May, Psy.D|Miami Psychologist
Dr. Stephanie May, Psy.D|Miami Psychologist
Certified IMAGO Therapist
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