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Dr. Stephanie May, Psy. D.

IMAGO Relationship Therapist | Eating Disorder Specialist | Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Stephanie May is a licensed psychologist, IMAGO certified relationship therapist, and specialist in working with people with eating and body struggles. Dr. May received her doctoral education and training at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and her postdoctoral training through the Renfrew Center of South Florida, the first ever eating disorder treatment center of its kind. Additionally, Dr. May spent 3 years in intensive coursework and supervision with some of the premiere relationship experts in the world, to ultimately become an IMAGO certified relationship therapist.

Dr. May immediately began her career in private practice in South Florida and has been working with people to improve their relationships and to find freedom from their eating struggles ever since. In addition to her private practice in Coral Gables, Florida, she owns The BE Program, an online program which has revolutionized the way people transform their food and body struggles. 


Dr. May has backpacked the mountains of Colorado for weeks at a time, she has attended intensive experiential workshops and leadership courses through The Gratitude Trainings and Peak Potentials, and she continues to practice yoga regularly. She is a mother of 2 children and deeply committed to her marriage and family. 



Dr. May is known to be incredibly kind and empathetic, while also being challenging at the same time. Once you work with her, she will be dedicated to you and your success.


You will experience this dedication through her timeliness, through accountability, through in-between-session contacts, and through top-notch referrals that help to compliment your therapy. She is the person that you want on your team to create the life that you desire.



On average, clients are recommended to visit with Dr. May for a brief amount of time. But by choice clients stay with Dr. May to expand on their development and success. Dr. May has the profound ability to work with people at different stages of their lives and she credits this ability to her own personal development journey.


Furthermore, to become certified in IMAGO counseling, she was required to sit in the experience of the client and explore her own familial relationships and marriage. IMAGO supports its therapists in “living the work that we teach.” By being committed to these developmental activities regularly, Dr. May remains connected to the needs and experiences of her clients, and she excels at making difficult concepts easy to understand. 

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