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To “be your word,” means that you commit to honoring your commitments. When the opportunity to commit arises…and this can be anything from “Will I exercise today?”… to an invitation to someone’s party…to an offer to take on more responsibility at work… you pause to think clearly about whether or not you choose to commit to it. Remember- this moment of choice really does matter because it will dictate the commitments you have each day.

So when you say “yes” to a commitment that is for yourself or someone else- your credibility and authenticity is on the line.

We all know how different it feels when someone shows up for us- it feels great! We say “thank you so much” for coming or for being here for me. We feel joyful, grateful, and important when someone else honors their word with us. In essence, we learn to trust people when they honor their commitments with us.

Do you want to be someone who people trust?

Now consider, the person that breaks their commitments with us. This is the person that says they will do something but they don’t do it. This feels bad, we may get disappointed, or we may just move on. But in essence, when someone breaks their word with us, the trust is decayed, even just the slightest bit at a time.

And when we break our word and our commitments to ourselves each and every day, we break down our trust in ourselves. On some level, we start to believe that even our own word can’t be trusted or isn’t important. We lose faith in ourselves, again, even just the slightest bit at a time. Breaking your word is one of the number one ways that people break down their own self esteem.

Being your word is one of the number one ways that people improve self-esteem.

Feel free to use these affirmations to practice this important habit:

“Today and each day forward, I commit to honoring my commitments.”

“I pause before I commit to anything because I know how much being my word matters.”

“By being my word, I choose to be a person that is trustworthy.”

Dr. Stephanie

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