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What's The Truth About Your Eating?

Are you someone who is lying about what you are eating?

Perhaps you are hiding food, or eating in secrecy? Or just not eating enough or at all?

If so, this kind of dishonesty about food is one of the key signs that you are in a vicious and very difficult cycle. This is because food and how you eat it have now become a source of shame for you. When shame is behind your eating, day-by- day, meal-by-meal, you are probably spending a lot of time beating yourself up for what is going on. Shame sees no separation between the behavior you are doing and the person that you are….And is this really true?

The worse you feel about what you are doing and about yourself, the more likely you are to misuse food again and again.

Additionally, what can be just as scary is the pattern of lying to yourself about what you are really eating. When you are un-truthful with others, and too ashamed to be honest, these lies become hard to keep track of. These lies have you “believing what you want,” which is a defense mechanism. If you have convinced yourself that you are fine, then you are likely not to do anything to change.

Here are some suggestions to assist you in BE-ing Truthful about your eating and get you on your way to transforming your relationship to food and your body:

  • Break the shame cycle by separating the behaviors from yourself as a person. t mean you are terrible or a lost cause. In fact, we invite you to look compassionately at your misuse of food and try to make sense of the behavior. Ask Yourself: What am I really hungry for? What am I really trying to achieve by not eating and wasting away?

  • Make a point to eat in front of others, even if you are acting out. As hard as this suggestion may sound, this not only has you be accountable in that moment, but keeps you connected to Be-ing Truthful with all persons present, especially you! This way, you can take a good look in the Truthful mirror and assess if this is truly the path you want to continue on.

  • Download a free phone app called Recovery Record about your eating.

  • This app enables you to record your meals, physical hunger/fullness cues, thoughts and emotions, and any eating struggles/symptoms on a daily basis. By recording all of these important factors, it helps you avoid the trap of “believing what you want” about your eating.

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